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Amazink Areola

May 3rd & 4th / 5th, 2019

Dr Sylvia Nawrot and Sylvia Dobrowolska will be performing this magnificent class for he first time in the United States, with locations only in DC and Chicago. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

This class will have to parts. the first 2 days will be concentrated on the creation of 3D Areolas and the third day on the treatment of scars and scar camouflage. Both classes can be taken together or separately.

Areola class cost: $2700

Scar class cost: $1200

Both Classes:  $3500

Come join us in this Amazink Training  experience and helps change lives one boobie at the time. 

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AcademyS training

Feb 21st - 23rd, 2019

A 3 days class, reviewing the most popular of  Sviatoslav Otchenash's techniques

S-Brows:  Magic shading

S-Eyes:  Soft liner

S-Lips:  Aquarelle

3 tecniques, 3 models  . This is a training and opportunity you will not want to miss!  Limited seating. 

Cost:  $3700