Microblading. Let us tell you about it!

Microblading is another form of Permanent Cosmetics, also know as Permanent makeup.
Althoug it may not use coil, rotary, or digital machine, is still implanting pigments into the skin, therefore is form permanent cosmetic tattooing.

What makes Microblading different form the regular form of PMU (Permanent Makeup)?
This is an ancient technique from Japan adopted by the western world. In recent years, this technique was adapted to the European eyebrow by the world known artist Branco Babic from Serbia, who market the technique and his artistry into western Europe, USA and the rest of the world.
The main difference from the regular pmu technique is that is the procedure is performed with a set of needles aligned forming a "micro-blade" (in a slanted or "U" shape) used with a manual tool which creates a very hyper-realistic visual impression/simulation of real eyebrow hairs.

In Microbalding, hairs are created by the creation of small "cuts/incisions" in the skin while at the same time implant the pigment in the skin. Microblading works on a more superficial layer of the skin. It should barely touch the papillary layer, not like regular pmu that goes into the surface of the reticulary layer. Because of this main is that Microblading DOES NOT LAST as long as regular tattooing. It's meant to last between 6month and 3 years depending on the skin and life style of each person.

Is everyone a good candidate for Microblading Eyebrows?
Unfortunately NO! :(
Just like in the case pmu, pregnant women are not good candidate; people with medical condition such as Hemophilia, Psoriasis,Contact Dermatitis, tendency to form Keloids, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Advance Diabetes, Mitral Heart Valve. Also those clients whose skin is extremely oily need to be careful because due to amount of oil in their skin hair strokes may heal different. Please make you your technician is knowledgeable in this matter.

At the moment of choosing the technician to perform a service like this, please take in consideration the following:
- Training : Certifications and Licenses (when it applies). Not every state regulates PMU (Permanent Makeup), let alone Microbalding. IN VA, technitians are required a license. Make sure it's on display. Most times a certification is not enough.
- Insurance: don't be afraid of asking who are they insured through.
- Experience: number of procedures performed (ask for a portfolio). Additional experience on the field (such as an esthetitian or prior artistry courses). Hopefully s/he'll have an extensive portfolio, and ask for healed pictures, that show you they have a good technique and retention.
- Ask for a consultation. This is the best way that you'll make sure you'll feel comfortable and you'll trust your artist. Don't be afraid of asking questions, about the procedure, about the pigments; anything and everything that will make you feel comfortable.
- Reputation: Check reviews. It's the best way to know what other think of their results!
- Method of sterilization... and general hygiene of the area where s/he will be performing the procedure. If disposables are used, the better!!!... Remember that micro-blades should not be reused and they ask to see the new sterile micro-blade.
- Method of payments: not only the way they will accept your payment but how its broken down. Does the price include the touch up? make sure you don't run on extra surprises. Microblading is meant to be a 2 step process, your first treatment might be most of the treatment and the second visit after 6 weeks is not optional it's a MUSTin order to have optimal results. In some cases I do offer a payment plan which gives them the choice to make 2 or 3 payments but this does not mean you are paying for each treatment - there is no such thing as half eyebrow or only one treatment. This IS 2 two step process.