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Classic Eyeliner

the classic that's never outdated

Imagine that you wake up and you don’t have to do your eyeliner and you still look flawless all day long. Often, you may find yourself struggling while applying eyeliner because they never seem to match as you would like them to. With Paola Soto’s Classic Eyeliner permanent makeup technique, you won’t struggle anymore.


Softliner/ Stardust

When the Eyes ask for more...!

Have you wished to wake up with makeup on just ready to go out? Applying eyeliner can be one of the tasks that take most of your time in the morning, because they never match perfectly one line will always look thicker, longer o simply in the wrong direction. Now your eyeliner can look perfect thanks to Paola Soto’s Soft Eyeliner (technique by Sviatoslav Otchenash). Soft Eyeliner will give you a faded pencil look that will beautify your eyes giving them a bit more dramatic effect.