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Become a model

Become a Permanent Makeup Model at Synergy Beauty!

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Select if you want to be a model for a student or a Trainer. Prices for trainer: HairstrokeS $250 Powder Brows: $200 Lips $200 Eyes: $150 | Prices for students: $50 per technique


Looking for a way to experience permanent makeup at a discounted price?

Synergy Beauty Studio & Academy offers a unique opportunity to be a model for our closely supervised students under the guidance of a board-certified trainer.

Here's what you get:

  • Reduced-cost permanent makeup procedure.

  • Safe and professional environment. Board-certified trainers oversee every step, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

  • Hands-on learning for our students. Your participation helps them gain valuable experience.

This program allows you to experience the benefits of permanent makeup at a significant cost savings.

Interested? Contact Synergy Beauty Studio today to learn more and see if you qualify as a model!

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